The High Fives Foundation returned to the warm waters of Maui of the Hawaiian Islands for High Five The Wave 6, this time bringing thirteen athletes, all living their lives after spinal cord injuries. This was the sixth surf camp for #HighFivesAthletes since the very first one in 2010. The in the spirit and respect of the Hawaiians, we chose words of their ancient language to illustrate all of the stoke and positivity, emotion and gratitude from this trip.


Aloha is a mind state breathing love and caring for others as much as we care for ourselves. It represents each of our unique ways of living what we deem “the ultimate lifestyle.” The aloha between each of the athletes, watermen, volunteers is what made our world go around. Aloha was communal with Maui locals sharing their surf spots with our band of adaptive surfers, too.


This concept emphasizes the High Fives community as a family. In Maui we supported each other every step of the day, from making lunches to loading the vans to helping each other into the water and onto our boards. It’s said that it takes 2.4 people to help an adaptive athlete. Our group successfully operated at a ratio of less than one volunteer for every adaptive athlete. We are an ohana of extended family and a tribe beyond our blood.


To have mana is to have efficacy in all things. It is brought through righteous and loving deeds that are meant to bolster the balance of the world. It is energy and lifeforce. We all brought our own mana energy to the island. The group visited the top rim of the Haleakala volcano, a location believed to embrace strong mana.


No limits exist, and there is infinite reality. Limitations are only created in our minds. Kala is about releasing those limitations and believing that we can accomplish anything. It takes creativity. It takes perseverance and support, but everything is possible. We prove this every day.


The High Fives tribe merely visited the majestic Island of Maui, arriving and leaving with all of the gratitude, admiration, praise, and respect possible in our collective soul.

Thank you!